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Why  A Keys Massage?

Do you enjoy deep pressure while still being able to fully relax? Do you enjoy longer massage sessions? Then you’ll love me! I am dedicated to reliving your low back, neck and shoulder pain, and promoting a healing balance for my clients. I provide a nurturing, firm, relaxing, effective massage. Finally, reduce/remove your pain and stress! I’ll work with you to bring you back to balance and ultimate health!

A True, Full Body Massage

When I give a full body massage it’s a true full body massage, no skipping the gluts, abs or quads with plenty of stretching. I also use acupressure points,  hot stones to warm up especially tight muscle and cupping if desired and needed too! Sensitive skin? No worries. I use all natural oils with high quality pure essential oils in all my massage oils & spa treatments enhancing your enjoyment & results.

Cross-Discipline Therapeutic Modalities

I provide Swedish Fusion Massage (a combination of Swedish, Chinese and Thai massage), Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Cupping and various Spa Treatments, TI also add in hot salt stones to warm the muscles and if needed cupping with the clients consent at no extra cost.

Serving the Portland-Beaverton, Oregon area the best way I can

I never rush. I take time to find out the clients wants & needs and supply them  to the best of my ability, giving you your entire appointment time on your lovely therapeutic massage. My top priority is to help you get back into balance, heal, and feel your best. So come on in and be pain free!

About the Practitioner

  • Alicia N Keys LMT#15489

Hello and thank-you for learning a little more about me. 

I studied right here in Portland at East West Collage of Massage. I have a base in Swedish, but have also studied Thai Yoga, and Tui-Na (Chinese), and Deep Tissue Massage, Cupping, Gua Sha, and Spa. I am dedicated to nurturing and promoting balance of body & mind for all my clients through Massage, Cupping, Gua Sha and Spa Treatments. I look forward to releasing you pain and lowering your stress levels.

 My Swedish and Deep Tissue Massages incorporate many of Tui-Na and Thai techniques, and if desired cupping and occasionally Gua Sha. I typically use acupressure in most of my massages to help facilitate relaxation & healing.

 My Cupping and Gua-Sha are great for loosening muscles & connective tissue while drawing toxins up to the top allowing your body to remove them easier. It can leave marks especially if you have lots of toxins,but they typically fade in a couple of days but can last week or two. I also have a massage with CBD with and with almost no THC which helps the CBD oil and with a little more THC which as a whole plant helps the CBD work better. It will not get you high as THC does not enter the blood stream when applied topically.

I use all natural products and am completely chemical free, I also add essential oils to enhance your treatments & enjoyment.

 I occasionally volunteer for various some of the agencies are Reggae Fest (and event near Eugene), the Dragon Boat Races, and Friends of the Children (a mentor program to keep kids off the streets), etc.

 I got into Massage Therapy a because I like helping, interacting w/ people and have a strong belief in natural medicine. As a teenager due to my mother’s pain from past car and one ballet accident I had her chiropractor show me some massage strokes to help with her severe pain which introduced me to massage. Many years later when I was thinking of careers, I remembered my grandma saying that “I had the touch” when it comes to massage, how I helped my mother and even a few friends. With the little amount of massage I knew, was inspired, went to school for massage and have been enjoying giving professional massage since 2008.

Relax and enjoy a little bliss!

Alicia N Keys, LMT #15489

  Massage Services


Deep Tissue Massage

As the name suggests goes deep into the muscle tissue, is extremely therapeutic & help you become pain free. Similar to Swedish fusion, but a little slower, typically firmer pressure, and has more stretching than of my other massages. As w/my Swedish Fusion massage I use some Tui-Na w acupressure points & Thai Yoga stretches for optimal results

Swedish Fusion Massage

Swedish massage is the style that most westerners traditionally think of when they think of a nice relaxing massage. It involves various, typically long soothing massage strokes and stretching. I incorporate many  Tui-Na (Chinese Massage) & Thai Yoga stretching techniques into my Swedish fusion and Deep Tisse massages for optimal results.

Hot Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

I use various sizes of hot Himalayan Salt Stones and ceramic shells  that simply melt into your muscles. Please let me know if you would like some stones bewteen you toes for a little extra treat. Hot stone Massage is very relaxing, therapeutic & has the most luxurious feel of all my massages. Due to the heat of the stones I’m able to go extra deep into the muscles for relief of those sore, stiff, achy muscles. This is great for if you just want to relax or don’t handle deeper pressure very well but hsvr chronic pain.

Cupping Massage

Cupping is excellent for loosening up muscles, fascia, adhesion’s, moving Qi & removing toxins from the body. First oil is applied so the cups can glide smoothly. Then I apply the cups to your body, moving some and leaving some static. The cups cause a suction that loosens fascia, muscles, adhesions, and brings toxins to the surface so your body can clan out toxins easier. This treatment usually will leave marks that should fade in a couple of day but can take a week for some.

Cupping Massage W/ Himalayan Salt Stones!

First feel the comfort of the hot stone as I warm you up with them making your muscles more pliable before I apply the cups. Then realx as the suction of the cups loosen muscles, fasica, and adhions while moving Qi helping to remove toxins from your body easier. This treatmet usually will leave marks that will fade in a couple of days to a couple of weeks for some.

Facial Cupping – This is great for sinus congestion during allegy season, headaches and TMJ pain too!

While massage performed by applying pressure, cupping instead uses negative pressure to pull, lift, move qi and relax facail fascia and muscles . I use special cups designed for the face and neck to gently loosen the fascia. muscles and congestion in the face and neck. Relax and enjoy.

Indian Head and Face Massage

Head and face massage with special techniques developed in India with your choice of oil matching your dosha.

Having Pain Issues That Won’t Go Away?

You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!

Book an appointment for a massage therapy session or another treatment. I can advise you to the best modality for your pain.

Explore the benefits of massage and cupping

Learn How it Works!

Spa Services

Full Body  Exfoilation w/ Happy Budda CDB  oil

Therapy for your skin and circulation! Enjoy rejuvenated skin and increadsed circulation with my full body exfoliation treatment! First I exfolation your skin with my exfoilating cloths removing your dead skin cells and increasing your circulation. Then I massage in your choice of essentail oil scented CBD oil made with joboa oil! My Happy Budda CBD oil comes in sweet organge flower, lemongrass, lavender and eucalyptus. Why jojoba oil? It’s very close the the oils that your body make naturally and is very moisturising, has anti-inflammatory and healing properties which can help dry even flaky skin. It can be especally helpul if you have psoriasis or eczema but is great for anyone. It also won’t clog pores and can even help with achne.When you schedule for a exfoliation please let me know which scent you perfer and you may take the rest of the bottle home.

Happy Budda CBD oil add-on! Choose you’re scent!

Happy Buddha Full Spectrum CBD are oils in a jojoba base for added relaxation and someanti-inflamitory effects during your massage. Choose between Orange Blossom, Lavender, Lemongrass or Eucalyptus for your massage. The oils, sports cream and balm are also available for purchase in office. CBD oil has natural antiinflammatory effects and is great for a little extra relaxation and has more luxurious feel than my regular massage oil. for more information go to

Peppermint Citrus Scalp Massage

Feeling a little warm or down? Try my peppermint citrus scalp massage. Peppermint is naturally cooling, and citrus is a natural mood brighter! Enjoy as I rub peppermint and your choice of citrus essential oil on you scalp!

Invigorating Foot Treatment

 First enjoy soaking your feet in Himalayan salts w/ the pure essential oils of your choice, than a sugar scrub, ending in a soothing foot massage w/ your choice lotion, massage oil or body butter.

Deluxe Foot Treatment

Therapy for your feet! First enjoy an invigorating sugar scrub, then sit back as dead sea mud is applied, then relax as the dead sea mud draws out toxins, soothing achy feet & leaving your feet feeling soft & smooth, melt away as I finish w/ hot towels and a soothing foot massage w/ your choice lotion, massage oil or body butter.

Dead Sea Mud Wrap – great for you skin and body

First increase your circulation & lymph while revealing fresh new skin w/ a light exfoliation, than enjoy as all natural Dead Sea mud is applied to your skin. Relax to soothing music as the mud removes toxins & impurities, as your skin soaks in 26 known minerals, softening, toning, and minimizing aches and pains in joints and muscles. Next enjoy the hot towels I use to clean the Dead Sea mud off your skin, finishing w/ a moisturizing lotion or oil massaged into your skin.

A Keys Massage..Keys to Unlocking a Balanced Pain-Free You!

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