Late Policy

If I have not gotten any contact from you within 16 minutes if your appointment time it is officailly a failed appointment and will be cancelled with full payment expected. Emergancies are excluded but I do apprecite as much notice as possible if possible. Thank-you

Cancellation Policy

I require at least 24 hour notice if you need to cancel an appointment. Please either cancel online, text or call me to cancel, emailing a cancellation dose not count as I may not always be able to see it in time. Without 24 hour notice it I will charge you 80% of your appointment. If you make a habit of cancelling the day before I will start charging you the full amount after the third time.  If you wake up ill text or call me that morning and the fee will be waived. Emergacies are excused, I do appricate as must notice as possible if posssible. Thank-you

Sexual Harassment Policy

Will not be tolerated. Clients shall not touch the therapist (once I get to know you hugs are ok with permission), make sexually espicet comments, jokes, make inaapprorate gestures, hump or come on the table. Doing so will result in an end of the session and a dismissal of the client.

Ruturned Check/Failure to pay policy

If I receive a bounced check a $30 fee will be added to your bill and must be paid withing the month or at your next appointment whichever come first. After two bounced checks online payment at the time of booking the appointment will be nessesary. Any intentional failure to pay will result in call to the police,